The environment, the economy, the spread of Corona virus, my girlfriend Lise not putting the cap on our toothpaste. Most problems entail human behavior, either as a cause, as a solution or often both. This raises the question that has been on my mind since I was 6 and wanted a pocket knife from my parents: “How can you motivate people to engage in certain behaviors?

A handgun, 1 million Euro incentive, or a set of the best arguments will do the trick but I am specifically interested in the situation where you have non of these. In order to answer this question regarding persuasion and influence, many other arise: “Why are some campaigns effective in motivating people and others not? To what extent does the setting influence the effectiveness of compliance requests? Why is “playing hard to get” sometimes effective? How did TellSell convince me into buying the Huggy? Join me in answering these questions and many more.

In this course you’ll learn how people’s beliefs, and actions are influenced by others. You will be introduced to various theories, principles and studies that give insight to how you can use people’s need for affiliation, accuracy and a positive self concept to persuade them. This course is focused at both theory development and practical application.

Learning outcomes

Students who participated in this course will:

..know and understand relevant theories and empirical evidence in the field of social influence able to see the various theories in relation to each other, in that they can name key similarities and differences able to recognize and name influence tactics used in media, marketing, interventions able to evaluate and construct influence tactics (in the field) based on the theories and principles or combinations of those

Course setup

The course consists of a number of modules in which  I address a specific question or topic. Every module is a combination of video’s, articles, and book chapters. The backbone of the course is the book:

Influence: Science and Practice” (The international edition!!!), 5th Edition By Robert B. Cialdini ISBN-13: 9781292022291 

The course is course is setup in with a typical 7-week-student-lecture-block in mind. But, you may prefer a different schedule. However, the standard Netflix approach: binge watching, is not recommended. I will make material available every week.